Meet: Quickfire Interview with Danny Goffey, plus new Vangoffey video, Sucker

It’s been a while since the the days of Supergrass, but like all things in life, things move on…..and so did Danny Goffey. Busy with various projects and still hitting all the right notes with his band Vangoffey, the talented ensemble released their first album ‘Take your jacket off & get into it’ to great reviews, so here we see the fourth single from the album, packaged together with a spooky video which sees Daisy low (Dannys daughter) dancing in period costume through dark corridors and down an old eerie Victorian Stairwell.

But this wasn’t how it all started out

“I had this strange idea of a Dickensian-esq band of travelling minstrels, walking down a long Roman road in procession. This was thwarted by the weather, so we changed the plan and filmed in my house…………I managed to lure Daisy into this one, and we had a great time. I can now say all four of my children have featured in the Vangoffey videos for this album, proving that sometimes it is good to ‘keep it in the family.’” – Danny

But before we kick on with the new single/video,

here’s a quick draw Q&A with the man himself: Danny Goffey

BSM: Were you pleased with the responce to the Vangoffey debut album

Danny: Yeah –  most of the reviews were really positive, and I’m really pleased with how well it’s gone down with the fans.

BSM: Is there another in the pipe line

Danny: Yes I’ve just started to record a new album.

BSM: Do you feel your approach to making music has changed over the years

Danny: No not really. I think I’ve always more or less written in the same way.

BSM: Is there anybody you would love to work with if you had the chance

Danny: I would have loved to have worked with Elliott Smith.

BSM: What’s the first record you bought

Danny: Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

BSM: What’s the last record you bought

Danny: Iggy Pop’s new album

BSM: Outside of the music scene what do you love doing

Danny: Cooking.

BSM: Do you prefer to be playing live or in the studio

Danny: I think I prefer the studio.

BSM: What piece of music would you say was your proudest moment so far

Danny: I’d say ‘The Race Of Life’ is the best thing I’ve done.

BSM: What are your musical plans for the coming months

Danny: Playing some great UK festivals and then a holiday!

Thanks to Danny for taking the rather ‘Star Test’ type Q&A (you’ll get the ref, if your of a certain age)

so on with the show….

Vangoffey – Sucker 

Produced by Juliette Larthe & Directed by Stroma Cairns

If you dig the single check the album ‘Take Your Jacket Off & Get Into It’ on Distiller Records

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