Listen: Cruising ‘You Made Me Do That’ Debut single release 28-04-14

We told you cassettes were making a comeback.

Have you been out and bought a cassette player yet? No? Well here’s another reason to do so….

Dublin/Belfast party band Cruising are set to release, what they describe as, a ‘grimy, brooding depraved slice of fucked up distorted subterranean punk’. Or in other words, their debut cassette single, ‘You Made Me Do That’ on a limited run of 100 through Soft Power Records on April 28th.

Cruising played their first gig in January this year. The band are made up of members who can also be found in Logikparty, Sea Pinks, Girls Names and September Girls. Dick Vortex, Benzedrine Black, Sex Grimes and Dan Handle not only go for the lo-fi output; they go for the lo-fi approach to all aspects of their work. With commitments to other projects, the issue of distance and taking part in violent protest marches they find little time to actually rehearse together, so use anything and everything to record what they can when they can. Hand held recorders, mobile phones. About as lo-fi and DIY as you can get.

Cruising Photo

The result is the kind of cross between kraut-rock and dirty post-punk that we have grown to like around here. Have a listen to ‘You Made Me Do That’.

Then pop along to Soft Power Recordings and order your copy. Once you’ve done that, get down town and buy that cassette player – you’re going to need it!


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