News: Laroie Releases Ambitious New EP ‘Tragedy’

Laroie shares the stunning new EP Tragedy. The brainchild of creative Gab Godon, Laroie makes a unique blend of electronica, R&B, trip-hop and pop, all pulls together by her angelic, haunting lead vocals.

A six track release of intoxicating, experimental and beautiful music, Tragedy demonstrates some of the singer, songwriter and producers strongest work to date.

Having performed at the most prestigious festivals in Canada (Osheaga, Festival international de jazz de Montréal, CMW, NXNE), the artist released her debut EP in 2020. It featured soulful pop that she carefully crafted with producer Robert Robert. Her second EP, Speed of Life, produced by Gene Tellem, was released in September 2021. Laroie breathed new life into it with SOL REMIX SELECTION in February 2022.

Tragedy, summarizes the process of identity exploration and the events encountered to better refocus and align with her true self. She found herself at the end of her twenties not being truly faithful to herself. Whether in her interpersonal relationships, in her sexuality and her queerness, or in her relationship to life. Her big wings were curled up as she made herself smaller for the comfort of others. 

Tragedy, is an empowering extended-play from Laroie. Focusing on heavy themes of relationships in a way where she expresses herself best working through her feelings. Her music is connective and emotive, pulling on the heart strings of the listener from the very first note of her songs. The downtempo, house, and IDM production alongside her beautiful vocals bring this project to life. Her lyrics are intimate, and her music is gut wrenching while setting the mood to dance. The dark undertones and heart-punching topics will turn heads with the energetic rhythms of the contagious instrumentation. The feel-good vibes through her latest project are memorable while sending out the message to embrace oneself.
“I found myself at the end of my twenties in a box to where I felt that I was not faithful to myself. Tragedy, reflects on what might have been ‘tragic’ if I had not faced my fears to better find myself.” Laroie comments on the EP.

Listen below:

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