Track: Indie Rocker Francis La Lune Shares Vibrant New Single ‘Reasons’

Francis La Lune Shares the vibrant new single ‘Reasons’, a unique blend of sounds and textures to create a at times vulnerable and person, at others euphoric and explosive listen.

Strikingly complete sonically despite being only Francis’ second release, ‘Reasons’ moves between stripped moments of chorus tinted guitars and subtle electronics to sections of thrashing distorted guitars and punching drum. Managing to effortlessly blend genres and move from section to section in a cohesive yet strikingly unique manor, the track displays La Lune’s ability’s to craft impactful, multi-faceted soundscapes with a lot to unpack.

Topped with his ever charismatic yet also heartfelt and at times, melancholic and emotive lead vocals, the track is given a central pin and an irresistible melodic hook for the music to flow around. 

Speaking about the single, Francis explains: “The main and only reason why I got a driving license was because I grew up wanting to be able to pack and drive away at any minute. Escapism was always dear to me. Having a gate-away car was going to be my window to the world. Against a reality of indifference and normality, a reality that always had to pose the question “why”, this song stands as a big “why not?”. You don’t need reasons to be happy, just get out and do your thing, as when you learn to live on your own, you’ll always be free.”

Listen below:

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