See: Brisbane’s iconic The Goon Sax unveil video for track ‘In The Stone’ and announce new album ‘Mirrors II’ and Australian/UK tour

Steeped in the legendary vibes of Brisbane’s proud and influential indie history, The Goon Sax are exemplary standard bearers for the new generation. They have an arch sensibility, a fey and literate approach to their music and in doing so have shrugged off any comparisons to their predecessors and contemporaries: they have forged their own style of brittle and angular music that is bold and unique.

After a brief three year break, The Goon Sax have today announced a return to the fray with news of their third album, entitled ‘Mirrors II’, to be released on 9 July 2021, a tour covering Australia and the UK and to heighten anticipation of both, a new video for the track ‘In The Stone’.

‘In The Stone’ has that classic bittersweet antipodean sound – fragile, ethereal and poetic. Filled with self-deprecatory wit, there is a cold, dissociated approach to the vocals – intertwined male/female vocals that roam across the sparse melodic instrumentation with wry observations on a relationship:

Didn’t have to sound so disappointed when I called, if you’d ever saved my number in your phone

The band has taken a fresh approach to the production – lush layers and a bold strong chorus. Singer/guitarist Louis Forster says of the track:

In The Stone’ is set in Berlin where I moved with my partner at the time, just after finishing school and recording our last album We’re Not Talking at the end of 2017. We were both exploring ourselves – accepting each other’s changes and celebrating flux – but also reckoning with the complicated need for a solid sense of self and the person we loved. Musically the song was influenced by what was playing in the background of our conversations which often took place in Ubers, supermarkets, outside parties etc. So it probably bears more of a subconsciously absorbed modern pop influence than anything else we’ve done as a band.

The video, directed by Mara Palena, is mostly a performance piece with strong bones and dramatic poise that has a psychedelic and blurry approach: enigmatic and slightly mysterious:

This is a welcome and very exciting return.

‘Mirror ll’ was recorded in Bristol at Invada Studios, owned by Geoff Barrow of Portishead and Beak, with producer John Parish (Aldous Harding, PJ Harvey). It follows a period where the band spent some time apart. Forster relocated to Berlin and worked at a cinema (he sings in German on the track ‘Bathwater’), Riley Jones and James Harrison formed an angular post-punk band called Soot.

Fosster says of the new work:

The first two albums are inherently linked. They had three-word titles; they went together. This one definitely felt like going back to square one and starting again, and that was really freeing.

‘In The Stone’ can be streamed and downloaded here.

‘Mirror II’ will be released through Matador Records (in the northern hemisphere) and Chapter Music in the south – you can preorder here or through the link below. The band will be touring as well – see details below.

Mirror II Tracklist:

1. In The Stone
2. Psychic
3. Tag
4. Temples
5. The Chance
6. Bath Water
7. Desire
8. Carpetry
9. Til Dawn
10. Caterpillars

AUS Tour Dates:
21/5/21 – The Zoo, Brisbane
28/5/21 – Mary’s Underground, Sydney
3/6/21 – RISING Festival, Melbourne

UK Tour Dates:
01/09/21 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
02-05/09/21 – End of the Road Festival
06/09/21 – MOTH Club, London
07/09/21 – Pink Room, YES, Manchester
08/09/21 – Mono, Glasgow

Feature Photograph: Elliott Lauren

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