TRACK: High Vis release new single Trauma Bonds ahead of second album, Blending, due 9 September

The five members of the band High Vis
Credit: Simon Wellington

London’s High Vis have released new single ‘Trauma Bonds‘ from their second album Blending which is set for release on 9 September on Dais Records. The impassioned vocals and forthright lyrics present a hopeful search for empathy and communication in the face of ongoing personal tragedy.

As front person Graham Sayle explains:
“‘Trauma Bonds’ was written after the news of another tragic suicide of one of our friends during lockdown. It forced us to reflect on how the death of young people had become so normalised within our group of friends that we had become numb to it. Friendships became Trauma Bonds and the gravity of these situations suppressed through toxic coping mechanisms. The song is a hopeful exploration into these feelings in an attempt to support each other through better communication and collective empathy.”

How to comment on the heart-breaking background to this track? Communication in any form is priceless at difficult times particularly in such a situation as this. High Vis are to be applauded for acknowledging this, and taking such a personal story of their own and sharing it through their creativity. It demonstrates their versatility and depth. High Vis are not to be pigeon-holed as previous singles from Blending have already proven. ‘Trauma Bonds‘ adds yet another dimension to this band who are unlikely to focus on what they should or should not sound like, but instead will continue to explore their own sonic adventures while remaining true to their social conscious roots.

The second album by High Vis Blending will be released on 9 September via Dias Records.

For more information on the band please check out their facebook and bandcamp.

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