Blu-Ray Review: Appointment In London

While feckless politicians may invoke the Second World War to whip up self-serving nationalistic fervour, only a moron would want to replicate the spirit of being bombed every night. Countries like to look back at (victorious) conflicts through rose-tinted glasses. Britain is one of the worst offenders. Most films about the period paint a romantic picture, when nothing could be further from the truth. Appointment in London gives a truer version.

Wing Commander Tim Mason (Dirk Bogarde) is fast-approaching the milestone of 90 completed missions. A rare feat which he is determined to reach before he retires from active combat duty. Some of his colleagues are worried about his mental health while the men stationed at the air base look up to him. When he’s grounded, missions begin to go awry. The airman talk about a jinx and a young naval officer (Dinah Sheridan) enters his life.

Appointment in London highlights what a vital role the Pathfinder squadrons played in World War II. Accurate target-marking was vital in the Allied war effort. Dirk Bogarde once again demonstrates why as an actor he was so much more than a matinee idol. He embodies the stresses and strains of Mason’s life through every mannerism. Director Philip Leacock assembles a great supporting cast in what is an entertaining and moving slice of war drama.


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  • Flight of the Pathfinders: Will Iredale on Appointment in London
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Appointment in London will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital by Studiocanal on 27 June.

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