Live Review: The Lemonheads / Bass Drum Of Death / Alex Lipinski – Chalk, Brighton 10.10.2022

Micheal Hundertmark

The Lemonheads after all these later come and play some special shows in the UK to mark the 30th Anniversary of their acclaimed record ‘It’s a shame about Ray’. For tonight’s show, the audience is in for a treat with the array of the band’s back catalogue of indie punk fusion

The Lemonheads formed in Boston in 1986 playing songs to the tune of Midwest Husker Du with some romance songwriting. Evan Dando split his songwriting duties with Ben Deiily to deliver their aggressive punk riffs! Back in 1989 the band signed to Atlantic Records and had a productive period, delivering four albums in four Years. The cover version of ‘Mrs Robinson’ brought them into the top 20 charts and established them in the Grunge scene in the early ’90s

With an early start at Chalk in Brighton Alex Lipinski starts the evening off with his solo guitar set. Lipinski is a Weston Super Mare songwriter who fronted ‘Phoneys & the Freaks’ with ex Oasis guitarist Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs. Tonight he was promoting his new album ‘For everything under the sun’ and a clear influence in 60’s sounds with a dash 90’s recantation can be heard throughout his songs!

A grungier and acoustically lively feel came from ‘Bass Drum of Death’ with their long riffs and fuzzy guitars. The three piece band from the Mississippi are best known for the song ‘Crawling After You’ which features in the Videogame Grand Theft Auto V! Lead singer John Barret’s energy does not run out through his vagarious guitar playing set.

Evan Dando, not too soon after, appears on stage like a crazy man on fire, who throw-out the evening had been mingling with the early comers to the venue and dancing amongst the audience. He is dressed in a robe dress and starts to play his acoustic guitar for a solo set.

Rather chaotic and wildly played as to the time limitation the set starts with ‘The Outdoor type’ and the melodic ‘Hard Drive’ With a tightly packed chalk venue the crowd watches enthusiastically as Dando addresses the audience to a welcome. Tonight Dando seemed in a mischievous mood with him controversially rolling across the stage playing out cover versions.

A more structured set continues when band members Farley Glavin and drummer Mickey Jones play out the pleasing ‘It’s a shame about Ray’ But halfway through, Off the track, Evan Dando gets behind the drum kit to play a rendition of The Eagles song ‘Lyin Eyes’ while the band members leave him briefly to it.  ‘Alison Starting to Happen’ sparks an audience singalong. Soon after Nick Soloman joined the band members on stage to rip through cover versions from The Bevis Fond band to the delight of everyone watching!

Towards the end with a bit of dismay, there is a problem with the Amp and guitar and Evan gets frustrated whilst knocking down the marshal amp and trying to figure out which entangled cables should be used and plugged in. Nick Solomon comes to the rescue and lends him his guitar. Tonight was a lively romp which is what a grunge show is all about with the spirit of the live entertainment and apart from a few stage mishaps, was to the delight of everyone a memorable run-through of the classic ‘it’s a Shame About Ray’.

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