Live Review: As December Falls – O2 Institute, Birmingham 14.10.2022 Plus Gallery

The Tyne & Lit By Lanterns help warm up this Birmingham crowd and set the tone for the evening. The Tyne even grab their own considerable crowd, teaching us all how to join in with ‘DEMONS‘ before going straight into it and grabbing one of the loudest choruses of the whole evening. The night is helped along with absolute emo classics playing between acts and it seems that everyone is ready to warm up their vocals chords by joining in.

As December Falls have a dedicated audience which shows in the variety of merchandise dotted around the crowd and if you weren’t sure on just how dedicated they were before they stepped on stage, the crowd that erupts through the room as the lights dim are sure to set your mind at ease. The third song on this setlist is a cover of MCR‘s ‘I’m Not Okay‘ and anyone who wasn’t ready for this storm in a teacup certainly is now. ‘Break Your Heart‘ is an early fan favourite and as ADF let us know that Birmingham is one of their favourite places to perform they’re rewarded with whoops and cheers; this brummy bunch aren’t going to quiet down any time soon.

Bethany & co are full of energy from start to finish and it great to see an up and coming pop-punk band so clearly passionate about what they’re doing. Playing up for the photographers & working the crowd into their palm of their hands really gets everyone in the room on their side; after a quick poll, the centre of the audience are the most hyped to be here. Tonight’s bunch of gig goers aren’t scared to get involved for ‘No Money‘ after minimal instructions which is yet more proof that they know how to get everyone involved and joining in. Torch lights fill the room for a slowed down, acoustic version of ‘Happier‘ giving our leading lady an opportunity to show the diversity in her voice and giving the crowd the chance to show that they’re really giving it their all.

There are two sides of the audience: half love the heavier songs and the other half are here for their self acclaimed ‘sad emo shit’ but as the night starts to draw to a close, you can hear everyone coming together for every song on the setlist. ‘You Say When‘ quickly becomes a crowd favourite though ‘Ride‘ gets the loudest applause I’ve heard for a long time as they exit the stage for their encore.
“One more song” rips through the o2 Institute’s 2nd room until As December Falls re-enter the stage. These genders and non genders have been asking for one more song but Bethany lets us know we’re in for two more treats showing that they really are here to give us as much as they possibly can. Leaving the venue to TikTok’s classic ‘It’s Corn!’ remix ensures everyone leaves on a high.

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