Discovered: Roberta Baldizzone White Quartet – Changing Textures

The Breakdown

..from the sublime to a precipice of chaos....

Changing Textures is a musical project that brings together works by the pianist and composer Roberta Baldizzone. Pieces based mainly on contrasting sound research – timbre, dynamics, tension – created through experimental work on interval construction and open structures.

Regarding the composition and improvisation make-up of the pieces, the themes, ostinatos, harmonic sequences, as is the case with generative sections of the spontaneous episodes, are based on symmetries interwoven in their specific relationship through time and space.

So as to maintain the element of improvisation at the forefront and less restricted by structure, it was decided to keep writing to a minimum preferring a freer form in which a sequence of episodes occur, at times without a specific metric. The input given to the musicians can be harmonic/melodic, intervals or simply descriptive.

The exploration of sound in its various dimensions gives rise to a mix of tones, varying in intensity, changing the music spacing, resulting in a shift in tension/release in the music. From this originates the name of the project, Changing Textures, emphasizing the ever-developing narrative of the music – perceived with a touchable consistency – in the sound of the unfolding music.

The use of a particularly variable range of effects through the guitar has provided the opportunity to work specifically on contrasts, both timbre (for example through the contrasting sound generated by acoustic and electronic means), or be it through the dynamics (as in the case of sound pads capable of remaining in the background or completely drowning out the other instruments), instigating moments of strong impact.

What could be described as structured improvisation, the works are a perfect example of individual artists being in tune with one another to create a very organic sound. We go from sublime dream like compositions that would lend themselves well to any film noir score (Da Pacem, Domine/#7) to other pieces that edge on the precipice of chaos (Anger/#37). The album is wonderfully emotive throughout and with the piano work from Roberta Baldizzone it creates a structural narrative with each track becoming individual chapters from the same book. A hidden gem.

Roberta Baldizzone – Piano

Gabriele Fava – Soprano sax, Tenor sax

Ricardo Costra – Electric guitar

Marcello Canuti – Drums


1 – 1 (4:44)
2 – Beta test (4:44)
3 – Da Pacem, Domine (7:38)
4 – Solo (5:17)
5 – 37 (8:00)
6 – Anger (4:14)
7 – 7 (6:51)
8 – Farewell (4:25)

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