SEE: Gim Kordon – ‘Betoni kukkii’: embrace the Finnish noise

Gim Kordon, photographed by Pia Koskimaa

COMING out of Helsinki with a name that’s … suspiciously familiar, somehow? and a whole firestorm of howlin’ guitar, Gim Kordon have jut released their second (and presumably final) single of 2020, “Betoni kukkii”, the stylishly beautiful monochrome video for which you can lose yourself in below.

The title of the song translates as “Concrete Blooms”, which is on the button for the modernist water towers featured in the video, filmed in Korso, 27km north of the Finnish capital; all intercut with flickering footage of the band performing in the half-light. Nice.

Unsurprisingly, we’re told that “Betoni kukkii” is somewhat of a fan favourite live, given its delicious garage-noise-post-punk thang.

The band’s singer-guitarist, Aleksi Pahkala, says: “’Betoni kukkii’ is a story of how often life growing up in the suburbs is a roll of the dice, a struggle and trying to get by, but also of how a sense of community in even the roughest areas is so often the only thing that provides a sense of security.”

Gim Kordon took their live bow at 2012’s Kuudes Aisti indie festival in Helsinki in 2012, at which the headliner was … Kim Gordon, of course. Yes, the band did give her a badge.

Their debut album, Ei Ole Helppoo, reached no.13 on the Finnish album charts, and led to a support slot with Superchunk; but they’ve been quiet since 2015 single “Vieläkin on ikävä” (“I Still Miss You”).

But they’re back, full of ire, and are working on their second album, to see the light of day later this year.

Follow Gim Kordon on Facebook, Instagram, at their website, on Twitter, and on Spotify.

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