Countdown To Rebellion – Day 7: Introducing Chubby & The Gang

Only a week to go now, the excitement is mounting. You’ve double checked your hotel is still in business, set aside your spends for merch and beer, tucking a few extra sovs in a sock just in case. Simon ‘Coppo’ Copson is just putting the final touches to his infamous Rebellion Spreadsheet. Your schedule is almost finalised, then I go and throw a spanner in the works by introducing you to Chubby & The Gang!

Chubby & The Gang are a bit of a punk rock supergroup. formed in West London in 2019. Consisting of vocalist Charlie “Chubby Charles” Manning-Walker, guitarists Ethan Stahl and Tom “Razor” Hardwick, bassist Maegan Brooks Mills and drummer Joe McMahon, the band was formed out of a number of UK hardcore punk bands, including Arms Race, Vile Spirit and Gutter Knife.

Charlie has been around the UK hardcore scene for nearly 20 years, first getting involved when he was only 15. Two albums down, the excellent 2020 release Speed Kills followed by The Mutt’s Nuts in 2021, their music is a far cry from their humble hardcore beginnings, often utilising TV and film clips and musical instruments not normally associated with the genre, such as harmonica! Their roots are entrenched in 1977 influences, bringing together Ramones-esque guitar, with pounding drums and an Oi/street punk vocal delivery. Think Dr Feelgood feeding Jimmy Pursey into a blender. They even find space in their sound for some killer surf guitar moments, glam rock posturings and terrace chanting. The kind of guys who would have worn sheepskin coats, big sideys and football scarves tied round their wrists, whilst pummelling you senseless with hook laden tunes, carrying their socially conscientious lyrics into the depths of your brain. Expect a big crowd and a good old singalong.

CHUBBY AND THE GANG – 00:30-01:10 – Fri 4th Aug – AFTER DARK in ARENA

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