Say Psych: Playlist 15/2016

A mixture of new releases and sounds that have been out a while, but are new to me. I continue to be astounded by just how much good music is out there. Check it out and enjoy!


Higher Now by Drakkar Nowhere

When I first heard the debut, eponymously titled, album from the Phenomenal Handclap Band I knew I was onto a winner. It was a record that was totally out on its own. Daniel Collas from PHB has teamed up with Morgan Phalen (Favored Nations, Diamond Nights) and, together with members of  members of Dungen and The Amazing, seems to have repeated the trick,,,this time adding in some wonderful Scandinavian psych elements. If the two tracks currently available on the bandcamp are anything to go by we could be looking at one of the stand out albums of the year. Beyond outstanding!


Mondo Busso by Causa Sui

“If you put together all of the records the individual members of Causa Sui have put out, as well as all the Causa Sui records they’ve made together you would have yourself a hefty chunk of incredible music. What’s amazing is that even after Munk, Skott, Rasumussen, and Kahr have made absolutely stellar records on their own they can still come together and put out something as good as Return To Sky. It doesn’t feel like one of those “well, we need to do something as a band” kind of things. It feels like a band that’s at the top of their game and have no intentions of stopping. Return To Sky is yet another amazing record from Causa Sui. What are you waiting for? Go get it.”

Read the full review here.


I Fall by Feral Ohms

Searing cover of the Damned track, Feral Ohms are an amazing band who deliver music that is straight to the point; available as a 7″ on Silver Current Records. Apparently there is an album in the pipeline, and if it is anything approaching this it is going to be amazing.


Tunnels by Minami Deutsch

Minami Deutsch produced one of our favourite albums of last year, and are back with a killer single for Hoga Nord Rekords. The band are over in Europe in the Autumn, including an appearance at the Liverpool PsychFest.


High Collider by Melting Hand

“Melting Hand calls itself a super-group and while this explains very well how this is four musicians coming together on equal terms, in many ways it really is more than that. This is a band of people who really seem to have jelled and created an album in which the influences of those who are playing are plain to see, but have also created something new on their way to recording an album that, while on the same shelf as the other bands represented here, I for one will certainly be getting out to play again and again in the future.” Read the full album review here.


Try My Robe by Goat

New track from Swedish band Goat, from a forthcoming album ‘Requiem’ to be released on Rocket Recordings and Sub Pop in the Autumn.


Get Me Over The by Dead Rabbits

First track to be released from the third Dead Rabbits album to be released on Fuzz Club on 5th September.


La Distincion by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

“This is an album that will please existing Lorelle Meets The Obsolete fans no end and, hopefully, will win over new ones. It is an album that feels nicely poised between a fine-tuned in pop sensibility set above some opaque soundscapes, with more than a little amount of experimentalism in the background. This makes it an album that is accessible and warm yet also challenging.” To read the full album review click here.


Taskig Stämning Annars by Flowers Must Die

Lead track from a forthcoming EP on Rocket Recordings where, according to the press release, “Each of the 4 tracks on this EP sees the band explore the different territories that makes Swedish psych rock so famous. From the fuzz heavy, tribal grooves of lead track Sista Valsen, the laid back space jazz of Taskig Stämning Annars, the propulsive motorik of Kruta, to the repetitive folk drone of Varför.” Having heard it I can certainly vouch for this…another brilliant release from this great band.


White Sands by Holy Monitor

Holy Monitor is an anonymous collective of musicians from Athens, Greece. This track if from their latest album, ‘Golden Light/ Aeolus’ on Ongakubaka Records out of Richmond, Virginia. I immediately loved the beautiful melodies and spacey rhythms of this album which can be bought on download or cassette here.


Rearview Mirror by MDME SPKR

Terrific leftfield garage punk outfit from London. Very much looking forward to seeing the band at the Liverpool PsychFest. This track included on a 4 track EP, ‘Humanoid’, available for download and vinyl from the band’s bandcamp.


Pitch Drops on the Atmos Clock by Energy Gown

I’m not even going to begin to explain this band because I’m gonna fall flat on my face. Suffice to say that this 2014 release is an absolute goldmine if you like your music raw and fucked up. Full album available here.


Hitherto by Expo ’70

Tenth anniversary re-release for Expo ’70’s ‘Exquisite Lust’ album. Newly mastered after being out of print since 2009 it is  available on download, double album , and Cassette on Sonic Meditations. Gatefold tip-on jackets, 200 gold and 225 black 180 gram vinyl. 100 glitter gold cassettes. Available here.


Narwhallian Social Purge by Big Naturals & Anthroprophh

“As you would expect from the Big Naturals & Anthroprophh this is an album that is bleak and heavy, unremitting and hard-hitting. It is an album that pummels you and then goes in for the kill. Yet it is also an album that, and I know this sounds pretentious but I’m going to write it anyway, leaves you feeling somehow cleansed. It’s not the bitter pill that does you good, its the pain that you enjoy because within it is the exhilaration of the intensity and sheer brutality of this record that, in the end, takes you along with it on an utterly exciting journey.” For the full review click here.


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