See: Chronixx’ new track ‘Safe N Sound’ is a controversial but gracious magnum opus; watch the new video, here

Chronixx is a man who needs almost no introduction, a king of the modern reggae and dancehall scene. His name is synonymous with the genre and has been for quite some time, having multiple chart topping singles, EPs, and albums. His new single ‘Safe N Sound’ only solidifies this place among the Jamaican artist hall of fame; this new track is co-produced by Romaine Arnett, the man who originally persuaded Chronixx to concentrate on a recording career in the early 2010s. 

Chronixx has always been one to speak his mind about the topics he feels is important. ‘Safe N Sound’ is no exception, a bleak but luscious track discussing issues such as: the legality of marijuana, race, corruption, and calling for global unification and settling our differences for the greater good. The issues are handled in such a way it paints a picture of what growing up a disenfranchised youth in Jamaica might feel like. 

To accompany this the music video is shot in a post-apocalyptic setting. There are no people about, rubbish fills the streets, and buildings are left to rot. The video is shot in a 4:3 aspect ratio which is an interesting stylistic choice from Chronixx and Samo, who both co-directed the music video. Perhaps the aspect ratio is calling back to a simpler time when it was the industry standard, or maybe represents how we humans are too quick to put ourselves in a box – an all too important message in today’s society. 

Chronixx has always been someone who hits the Mark both stylistically, lyrically and instrumentally. ‘Safe N Sound’ is no exception, the use of multiple types of instruments creates a luscious soundscape which sets a backdrop to his deeply cutting vocals and lyrics. It’s fair to say modern Dancehall & Reggae doesn’t get much better than this.

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