News: Following UK Tour Genevieve Miles Soars to New Heights On ‘Tough Love’

Birmingham and Bristol based solo artist Genevieve Miles shares the captivating new single ‘Tough Love.’ Fresh off the heels of her debut UK tour, this indie pop sensation returns to the spotlight with an even more heart-wrenching approach to her music.

‘Tough Love’ is a captivating musical journey that draws from the depths of Genevieve Miles’ diverse influences, creating a moment of bliss amidst the tumultuous sea of heartbreak. Sonically built around a lo-fi drum loop and swelling synths the track opens with a airy, intoxicating sense of euphoria under the silky lead vocals. Subtly changing key and growing into a swaying indie-alt-pop chorus with the addition of grounding bass, strings, and well placed electric and acoustic guitar lines.

Masterfully weaving together the innocence of a first love with the wisdom gained through life’s myriad experiences, Genevieve’s ethereal, emotive vocals glide effortlessly over some of her most profoundly heartfelt lyrics to date.

Delving into the essence of this alternative breakup narrative, Genevieve shares: “It’s a song about letting go, accepting your broken heart, and recognizing that the pain might linger, but it was perhaps time to receive some tough love. The brutal honesty of someone telling you they don’t love you anymore, especially when you’re fresh out of your teens, can leave lasting scars. This song is a moment of solace amid the anguish of heartbreak—a reminder that you gave your all, even if it wasn’t enough. It’s a reflection on how young and innocent love feels for the first time. It’s gratitude for the harsh lessons of heartbreak, lessons that toughened your skin and allowed you to build a stronger relationship with yourself as you navigated the world alone.”

In addition to her introspective lyrics, Genevieve Miles draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of sonic influences. During the songwriting process for ‘Tough Love,’ she found herself enthralled by the string arrangements on Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’ album and the acoustic guitar sounds from George Harrison’s iconic ‘All Things Must Pass’. The result is a rich and inventive, textural sound.

Genevieve Miles’ years spent honing her craft within the folk circuit of Oxfordshire are palpable in ‘Tough Love,’ where her signature soothing energy shines through. A testament to Genevieve Miles’ ability to create music that transcends genres and speaks to the universal human experience of love and heartbreak. With it’s irresistible charm, effortlessly captivating melodies and poignant lyrics, this single is already a standout addition to her glittering catalogue.

Listen below:

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  1. Zachary Luke
    September 20, 2023

    Can hear the influences and plenty of uniqueness as well

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