News: London Indie-Rock Quintet, The Horn, Unveils Powerful New Single ‘People Like Us’

The Horn return with the swaying indie anthem ‘People Like Us’, the euphoric swelling title track of their upcoming debut album. Produced by the acclaimed Danton Supple (known for his work with Coldplay), this track is a poignant anthem of recognition and unity among those who often find themselves on the fringes of divisive debates, grappling with extreme opinions, and the relentless pressure to conform to societal norms.

Lead singer Jonny Taylor describes ‘People Like Us’ as a song “for the people who need to be recognized and understood for who they are.” The track unfolds with intricate guitar work, delicate percussion, and contemplative vocals, setting the stage for its unique perspective. As the song progresses, intermittent vocal bursts and escalating percussion heighten the anticipation until a thrilling drum roll leads to the climactic moment. Here, impactful drums, expert basslines, searing guitars, cinematic keys, and expressive vocals converge, echoing the central refrain, “Don’t you wanna fit in this messed up crazy world, ‘Cause I just wanna feel it before I leave this world.” The song encapsulates the tension of yearning for acceptance while resisting conformity for conformity’s sake.

Reflecting on the genesis of ‘People Like Us,’ Jonny Taylor recalls: “The track started as a melody I was humming at my flat in Hackney. Then Nick, Danny, and I developed it, and Ed and Danny added ethereal synths reminiscent of Tame Impala’s ‘Currents.’ We arranged a vocal breakdown, and the chorus naturally fell into place after a suggestion from our producer, Danton Supple, during a session at Baker St studios. We later completed it at Rak studios.”

‘People Like Us’ is just one of several tracks that showcase The Horn’s confident and self-assured character as writers and performers. Their debut album, also titled ‘People Like Us,’ is scheduled for release on November 3, 2023. In addition to their upcoming album release, The Horn will be joining UK legends Scouting For Girls on tour later this year, promising an electrifying live experience for fans.

Since their introduction last year, The Horn has garnered attention for their music, with their debut EP, ‘Do It Now,’ and a series of successful singles earning praise from Notion, Atwood Magazine, Louder Than War, as well as mainstream media outlets like ITV, BT Sport, and Talksport. The band’s rise has been marked by a fearless blend of attitude, ambition, and a rejection of conformity and authority.

Musically, The Horn’s sound can be described as Britpop-infused indie-rock, pulsating with energy and angst. Their lyrics often explore the complexities of London life, the challenges of growing up, and a defiance against societal constraints and self-doubt. The band’s unique intergenerational dynamic, particularly between members Nick and Jonny, challenges ageism in the music industry, emphasizing the timeless nature of human experience.

Listen below:

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