Track: The Horn Return With Vibrant Indie Rock Offering ‘Another Way’

Rich, choppy and nodding to 80s rock (dare I say with an air of A Flock Of Seagulls), The Horn share another vibrant demonstration of their Indie Rock exploits on the new single ‘Another Way’.

Opening with an infectious and choppy guitar riff over a simmering backdrop of strummed acoustics, tight drums and subtle synth, the track effortlessly captures a sense of euphoric energy under the shimmering ever catchy lead vocals.

As the track progresses introducing layers of arpeggiators and a chorus as unapologetically 80s rock as they come (the kind of track you’d be sure to hear on the GTA Vice City soundtrack), the bands ability to create undeniably brilliant tunes is evident and more radiant than ever. Simplistic yet layered with musical complexity and adding to their growing sonic identity, ‘Another Way’ is a fine addition to the bands growing catalogue of stadium worthy tunes.

Listen below:

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