Film Review: Silence & Darkness

The thought of losing a sense, such as sight or hearing, is a truly terrifying prospect. The inability to fully connect and interact with the world around us, is a scary thought. However, many people with disabilities become adept at adapting and compensating for a loss. It’s a theme which filmmakers have often exploited, with the likes of See No Evil, Don’t Breathe, Hush, Late Phases and The Eye impressing with their inventiveness. As does Silence & Darkness.

Sisters Ann (Mina Walker) and Beth (Joan Glackin) are blind and death, respectively. They work together as a team and have an almost telepathic connection. Following the death of their mother they live in a rural small town with Father (Jordan Lage), a doctor. He diagnoses and treats their conditions, but after the visit of a neighbour they begin to suspect that he might not have their best interests at heart.

Silence & Darkness is a cleverly made combination of mystery, drama and thriller which succeeds due to the rapport between Walker and Glackin. Indeed, director Barak Barkan chooses not to subtitle their conversations, at it’s a masterstroke. The audience is suddenly wrong-footed and not quite sure what’s going on. Allowing us to empathise with Ann and Beth and immersing us into the story. Silence & Darkness is an inventive and disarming debut feature.

Silence & Darkness is available on VOD and Digital in the US and Canada now.

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