Say Psych: Live Review: Rocket 20 – Day Two 10.03.2018

Day Two of the Rocket 20 celebrations is underway and with a sell out venue already crowded, we open with Temple ov BBV, a super group comprised of members of Salfordians Gnod and Eindhoven natives Radar Men from the Moon. The projects inception came to late when the two joined forces at Eindhoven Psych Lab a few years back, the informality of the event then being set to record via Rocket and an LP released in June 2017. With some 10 personnel on stage it comes as no surprise that the sound is of incredible volume, however the finer details of the sound are intriguing and their set is literally hard to put into words. ‘The Other Side of the Night’ is the stand out of the set with its evocative lyrics, relentless drumming and industrial feel. The entire set is executed perfectly and literally could not be a better start to things.

Next up its Mamuthones, who emerged from the Italian occult psychedelic movement to release LP Fear on the Corner last month. The vibrant reinvention of the band sees them transcend their roots from Italian prog and soundtracks to krautrock, funk and disco. Their set is lively and upbeat, setting the dancing mood for things to come. Their samples, random array of noise makers and atonal style goes down well live and they are clearly happy to be here, lapping up every second. Probably not to everyone’s taste, Mamuthones have done themselves proud with a strong performance that has turned a few heads.

Russians Gnoomes are an intriguing entity, with their records channelling electronic shoegaze vibes strongly yet live they are a heavier prospect with psychedelic swirls and mesmerising guitar interplay. They have two Rocket releases under their belt; Ngan! In 2015 and the more recent hit Tschak! In March 2017 and their inclusion on the bill for the weekend is most welcome. They are greeted by the anxious crowd gratefully and commence their fuzz laden set with gusto. Their darker tones set against their lighter notes work perfectly and they leave to rapturous applause, smiling as they go.

In a slight change to proceedings due to the unfortunate announcement that Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are unable to make it, Housewives are moved from upstairs to the main stage. The London based band are hotly tipped and the unfortunate stroke of luck has led them to a prime slot. Their blend of monochrome experimental minimalism is perfect for this environment and although probably a new entity for most, they will undoubtedly go away with many more fans after their performance.

Hey Colossus is one of those names that invoke the strangest imagery and despite seeing them on several billings, I’ve never quite got round to watching them live – tonight I am determined to change that. They have put out releases in 2015; In Black and Gold and Radio Static High before 2017 release The Guillotine on Rocket and so their association is well established, giving them a plethora of material to choose from for their set. Highlights come in the form of ‘Back In The Room’ ‘Black and Gold’ and ‘Hey, Dead Eyes, Up!’ which are all performed with such grace that its easy to forget the musical complexity on display. An incredibly strong and powerful set from the offset, it’s over all too soon.

And now the moment so many have been waiting for, and the reason (I suspect) for the overwhelming interest in today’s proceedings, comes the ever enigmatic Goat who sprung to prominence with their widely acclaimed debut LP World Music, released on Rocket in August 2012. Ever since, they have been a tour de force, with two further albums, Commune in September 2014 and Requiem in October 2016. Their set takes the best bits of all three albums and throws them out to a baying crowd. Highlights include the lesser known ‘Try My Robe’ and ‘Goatfuzz’ from Requiem, ‘Talk to God’, ‘Words’ and ‘Gathering of Ancient Tribes’ from Commune and the undisputable sounds of ‘Disco Fever’ and ‘Run To Your Mama’ from World Music. The set is superb from start to finish and fans gratefully lap it up, they thank the label for their continued support which is always a nice touch and the crowd cheer in response to the sentiment.

Gum Takes Tooth are brought downstairs to conclude tonight’s events, but after the high of Goat a good portion of the crowd have dispersed. This is their loss as the London duo offer a powerful blend of mysticism and psychedelia to produce a feast for the senses which sees the remaining bodies moving contentedly to the powerful forces at work.

As live music events go, they don’t get much better than this. I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil tomorrow…

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