Track: Exploring Joan & The Giants Latest Release ‘Born In The Wrong Time’ Ahead of Australian Tour

As the indie-rock scene continues to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide, Joan & The Giants have emerged as a dynamic force, ready to leave their mark. With their much-anticipated performance at Optus Stadium tonight alongside P!NK and Tones & I, the band has released a mesmerising single ‘Born In The Wrong Time‘. Fresh off the success of the recent release ‘Good Time‘ (which you can read more about here) the group is set to embark on a headline tour across Australia, hitting major cities and igniting stages with their vibrant sound.

Joan & The Giants persist in enchanting their audience with a vibrant indie-rock spell in their latest creation, ‘Born In The Wrong Time’. The track, released just a month after the highly acclaimed ‘Good Time,’ takes listeners on a journey through a psychedelic summer daydream. Radiating an exuberant and upbeat ambience, the song weaves a romantic narrative around a nostalgic era of simplicity.

‘Born In The Wrong Time’ seamlessly blends elements of classic rock ‘n’ roll and is filled with resounding full-band rock crescendos. The result is a dynamic and infectious piece that asserts its presence with a punchy and triumphant spirit.

The song delves into the dreamscape of yearning for an alternate reality, where the present feels like a mismatch, and the longing for a past era of ease and congruent ideologies takes centre stage. Vocalist Grace Newton-Wordsworth explains, “Raw in its bones, ‘Born In The Wrong Time’ is a song about tapping out from the modern world and yearning for a time when things were a bit more simple.” The lyrics express the feeling of being an outsider, a sentiment that has resonated with fans who have connected with the band’s authentic and relatable themes.

Aaron Birch, the band’s guitarist, adds, “‘Born in the Wrong Time’ was written with iconic music festivals like Woodstock ‘69 in mind, and it’s an exploration on how sometimes being in the modern world with all the social media and modern distractions can be intoxicating and make you feel really small as a person.

Joan & The Giants are not just stopping at supporting P!NK in massive stadium appearances; they are gearing up for their own headline tour across Australia. The tour will include stops in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Fremantle, promising fans an intimate and immersive experience of their soul-stirring indie-rock sound.

With ‘Born In The Wrong Time’, Joan & The Giants have once again proven their ability to craft anthems that resonate with audiences near and far. As they continue to build momentum, the band’s upcoming tour and stadium performances alongside industry giants like P!NK showcase their rising status in the indie-rock scene. It’s clear that Joan & The Giants are here to stay, and their sonic journey is one that fans will eagerly follow.

The Good Times Tour
Fri, March 1 – P!NK & Tones And I, Optus Stadium, Perth (WA)
Sat, March 2- P!NK & Tones And I, Optus Stadium, Perth (WA)
Fri, March 15 – The Workers Club, Melbourne
Sat, March 16 – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney
Sat, March 23 – Hyperfest, Perth
Sat, March 30 – Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle

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