Los Campesinos! return with a new track ahead of a tour and their 6th album “Sick Scenes”. “I Broke Up in Amarante” is the track, and Gareth from the band says :

“The song’s about battling with bad mental health, trying to comfort and reason with yourself over something you can’t control. Specifically it’s about how my main coping mechanism was to keep myself constantly drunk in the blistering heat of Amarante while being failed by a largely terrible international football tournament.”

As you might expect from that description, despite the poppy hooks and singalong chorus vocals, there’s a dark unsettling feel unerpinning the tune.  The lyric “Strength between the clicking crickets’ knees enough to crush my skull” being especially familiar to anyone who has ever been hungover in warmer climes.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/291886395″]

The album’s out on February 24th on Wichita Recordings.  You can also listen to the previously previewed track 5 Flucloxacillin here.