Track: Artemis – New Waves

Four-piece, all-women, alt-rock/post-punk band Artemis have shared their new single New Waves.

Guitarist Frankie explains about the track:

“New waves is about a generational up-rising and standing against the system’s mistakes. Defying the stigma that is based around the “younger generation” and how a lot of issues are blamed towards the millennial generation”

“Protesting against how our voices are silenced (“our mouths are sealed”) as the government and older gens don’t want to admit their in-capabilities and monstrosities that they have caused in our society. Believing “Wars” and “abuse” is the way forward when it’s our future to live and our decisions to make.”

Addictive riffing, driving drum beat and enjoyable vocal phrasing adds up to a catchy as hell track with some superb lead breaks. I can already feel the sweaty bouncing clubs this band a sure to fill very soon.

Check it out, here

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