Track: Motherland – Back To You

Northeast alt-rockers Motherland release their new track ‘Back To You’ just in time for musical venues to open their doors and allow live music to be heard once again.

The band comments:

“We are all seasoned musicians, sharpening our tools through years of hard work, commitment and touring. We feel that all of this has resulted in our highly polished and impactful sound, not only through the powerful roar of the instruments, but also the sullenly melancholic yet relatable lyrical themes. Our most recent single is no exception, written in the midst of the most unprecedented year on record, it captures the lament and hardships of trying to keep a relationship together surrounded by a world that’s falling apart and how impactful the loss of that love during these times would be.”

With an expansive, anthemic rock sound that beats its way into your head and stays there for days. With powerful drumming, emotive vocals over the hypnotic chiming of guitars, ‘Back To You’ is a heart pulling effort from these guys thats ready to be unleashed on stage where it belongs.

Check it out, here

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