Track: Maxine Gillon’s ‘Lipstick’ Is A Jangly Indie Rock Gem

Maxine Gillon

Maxine Gillon has returned with a new single, ‘Lipstick.’ The track was performed, recorded and produced by Gillon and mixed & mastered by John Lee (Laura Jean, Mod Con).

‘Lipstick’ is a jangly indie rock gem that shines with guitar work reminiscent of Johnny Marr’s iconic style and captures the essence of the genre’s golden era. The track is further elevated by the drumming of Lindy Morrison (the Go-Betweens,) whose rhythmic prowess adds a layer of depth and authenticity to this modern classic.

“I sort of see it as a love letter to the great jangly indie-pop bands of 80’s alternative UK, Australia and New Zealand, one of my favourite musical niches. It’s also a return to intricate guitar-work (what I do best). The lyrical content is about being momentarily charmed and soothed out of the everyday horror and mundanity of capitalist realism by the hypnotic beauty of women.”

Maxine Gillon

Maxine Gillon is a Melbourne-based, singer-songwriter whose cerebral and intelligent approach to music sets her apart in the indie rock scene. Her compositions are rich in lyrical depth and musical complexity, drawing listeners into a world of introspective exploration. Gillon’s sound is distinctly tinged with influences from iconic bands like The Velvet Underground, The Triffids and others, infusing her tracks with a blend of raw, underground energy and hauntingly poetic melodies. Her ability to weave these influences into her own unique style demonstrates a profound understanding of her musical roots, while also showcasing her innovative spirit.

Stream ‘Lipstick’ HERE.

Photo Credit: George Popov

Photo Credit: Deb Pelser
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