Track: Maxine Gillon Drops New Track ‘Girl 6’

Maxine Gillon

While the establishment is busy sipping champagne and penning cookie-cutter pop hits, I get the feeling that Maxine Gillon is making mixtapes, scribbling lyrics on old napkins, writing movie scripts and dreaming up throbbing basslines.

What is true is that she’s just dropped a new track and accompanying video for her single ‘Girl 6’. The single features some effervescent and catchy hooks that oscillate over a punchy and edgy new wave beat.

Gillon wrote ‘Girl 6’ when she was working in a debt-collecting call centre. She says that the track navigates how technology mediates interpersonal communication as an external factor.

“I was simultaneously obsessively trying to court a girl via text who was unavailable and aloof, while tenderly chatting to strangers on the phone. This juxtaposition is where this song resides”

Maxine Gillon

The video is a parody of American talk show host, Charlie Rose and was directed by Andrea Blake, based on a concept developed by Gillon. In the Clip, Gillon portrays an author who has written a new book ‘Girl 6’ which is a follow up to the novel ‘Genuflect’ (a single off Gillon’s EP ‘Ultra Lounge’.) In the film Gillon and Jonathan Scutt (playing Charlie Bros) engage in an interview consisting of the lyrics to ‘Girl 6’. It’s a fantastic clip, check it out below.

Buy / Stream ‘Girl 6’ HERE.

Photo Credit: George Popov

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