See: Delaire The Liar Share Live Session Of ‘Self Defence’ EP Recorded At The Bookhouse Studios In London

Corey Eyres

A month on from the release of their highly anticipated ‘Self Defence’ EP, Delaire The Liar have teamed up with The Bookhouse Studios for an enchanting live performance of their latest EP from start to finish 

Delaire The Liar – Live At The Bookhouse was recorded in South East London – run by engineer/producers Ian Hansen and Tom Hill – and captures the formidable synchronicity between Ffin Colley, Em Lodge, Chaz Tomlinson. The trio are joined by Tommy Pratt, who has been providing supporting guitar and vocals at the band’s live shows in recent months. 

Speaking on the live session, Delaire The Liar said:

“The first time we had the opportunity to play ‘Self Defence’ in full at a rehearsal, something in the air changed and I think we all felt it. The EP is charged, it has an energy to it that sharpens to a point in a live context, we decided that it deserved to be documented and celebrated in this way to mark a month of its release.” 

“We’d been following The Bookhouse attentively for some time, they’ve done sessions with some of our favourite UK bands: Other Half, Death Goals & Cassels to name a few. The quality of the live sessions they produce and the sound they get out of that live room is unparalleled. There’s no one else doing it like them in the UK at the moment and to top it all off, Tom and Simon were an absolute joy to work with.”


  1. angel number
  2. bite trap
  3. all your labour
  4. forbodies

Upon announcement of “Self Defence” EP earlier this year, the band explained:

“In the throes of desperation, there’s no telling the lengths a person will go to preserve themselves or their loved ones. This EP presents a series of fictional scenarios to challenge the typical understanding of self defence. The usual themes surrounding the topic are present; antagonism, violence, action and reaction, but with a focus on the more drastic instances that require a less reflexive and more considered approach. Instances that require a deeper understanding of the self, emotional capacity for pain, physical capacity for punishment, moral detachment and sacrifice for the benefit of yourself or someone else. This EP explores whether there is any defence too drastic or too difficult to justify when love, pride and responsibility is involved.”

Watch the session, below:

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