Track: Maggie Cubillos – Slow Motion

Colombian/Cuban/American vocalist Maggie Cubillos, who hails from Hermosa Beach, has shared a new single ‘Slow Motion’. The track was recorded with producer Steve Ornest this past spring and features  Aaron Mastin (Donald Brown, Brandy) on keys and Charlie Paxon (James Blunt, Liz Phair) on drums.

Maggie says, 

“‘Slow Motion’ is for everyone who’s been scared to move on. It’s scary to acknowledge the end of a chapter and move forward but there is no set timeline for that. I think society pressures us to feel like we should be at a certain place in our healing process when in reality that looks sooo different for everyone. Healing isn’t linear and writing this song helped me realise that and understand that growth takes time. “

A summery vibe crafted from piano and guitars sit under Cubillos’s honeyed vocals that lightly float bringing a quiet positivity. It’s a gorgeous pop track that soothes with its perfect vocal phrasing and gentle melodies.

Check it out, here

Find out more about Cubillos here

Read our interview with Cubillos here

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