Track: Vennart – Operate

You might know the name Mark Vennart. He spent time fronting the under appreciated Oceansize, and band who made atmospheric, mathy rock as well as being a touring guitarist for Biffy Clyro, a band who make muscular rock music with big chorus’.

Now finding his feet as a solo artist he’s revealed a debut solo album titled ‘The Demon Joke’, due to be released via Superball Music on the 22nd June 2015. From it is a new song, Operate that manages to morph the atmospherics and the math/prog in with the muscular and big chorus’s.

Operate begins with the mathy feel, seemingly catching up time without you really noticing, fuelled by these wiry guitar lines and limping drum line. Vennart’s gruff vocal is perfect for the song, which explodes into a classic Biffy-like chorus, driving and muscular but ultimately melodic and singalong, and, in this case at least sprinkled in synth glitter. As it continues to soar away, so the synth becomes the thing of melody, carrying the song forward and sharing the duties ultimately with the guitar, before Vennart delivers one last, glorious, chorus.

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