Live Review: Nothing / Bambara / Midwife – Mercy Lounge, Nashville – 12.12.2021

This was my first experience shooting for Backseat Mafia and I was pretty excited to shoot for them. It was also my first time getting my photo pass for a Nashville. Sometimes, shit happens. This short review is nothing but positive things to say about the show I shot and I appreciate you guys reading this:

“Heaven Metal is something ethereal, emotive, painful, beautiful, and mostly cathartic.” The quote is from Madeline Johnston in Midwife, describing the unique genre of Heaven Metal (emotive music about devastation) during an interview with The Fader. and there’s no other artist that sounds like Midwife. The sound through the phone mic (I’m sure there’s another word for it) and Madeline’s voice were worth watching, even if it was your first time hearing/seeing them. The sound and the environment during Midwife’ set was haunting in a calm and poetic way, and it was beautiful from start to finish. Sadly, there were about 20 people during her set, but they missed out on a unique experience. Can’t wait see Midwife blow up in the music industry.

Midwife (click on the thumbnail to see the full image)

More people showed up for the Bambara set which started between 10 – 15 minutes after Midwife’ set. If The Birthday Party and The Strokes had a child, it would be Bambara. The set was nothing but high engery throughout, making you want to dance and nod your head. I felt a lot of Nick Cave’s vibe from the singer. Really enjoyed their set – no wonder why this band opened for big acts like Foo Fighters and Idles. Some great Rock n roll Music.

And so to the headliners. This was my third time seeing one of my favorite bands of all time, this was their best set I’ve seen them play. Louder than expected, The vocals and the sound of the bands instruments were unbelievable in the best way. Throw in a great light show, the whole thing was mind blowing from the beginning to the end. Also glad to see them perform the songs from The Great Dismal that I wanted to see, which is their best work and my AOTY in 2020. Overall, an amazing and dreamy set. I’m glad to see Nothing blowing up following on from their latest record.

This was an unique tour and all of the bands sounded fantastic. I can’t wait to see both Bambara and Midwife getting big(ger) in the near future, those bands deserve it. At this point, Nothing are top tier shoegaze band, to be mentioned in the same hushed tones as you would My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. The only issue with the show was the crowd – I wish they were more at the show, particularly when Midwife performed.

This was night to remember. Sadly, one of the crew from the tour tested positive for COVID-19 which has led to the other dates being rescheduled. Get on it.

Nothing (click on thumbnail for full image)

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