Track: MOHiT – Infinite Decay

With their debut album ‘Preface’ out at the end of the month – 24th July to be exact, London experimntal art-rockers MOHiT have just released a new single, Infinate Decay.

Infinite Decay came about after a strange and rather mystical encounter in Wales, said drummer Danny Brooks: “We pondered on the thought of an endless state of decay, that is never quite finite, hence the title.”

He continues: “Forming from a spiritual encounter, Infinite Decay tries to deliver the human place in the cosmos – or rather – that which is beyond human experience. The song is composed in three parts which eludes to the lyrical concept of a beginning, a middle and an unwritten finale… The relentless looping of vocals echoes the eternity of the idea, as the song ends in a long droning groove which builds, evolves, and takes new forms towards its eventual close.”

It’s a strange, sedate track, that sounds slightly angular and a lot psychedelic as it moves through ideas and tempos, casting ideas aside as it does so, whilst still grabbing hold of your attention with melodies that pull you in and harmonies that stroke your ears.

Check it out, here

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