See: Another Sky reveal visuals for ‘Fell in Love with the City’

Out via Fiction Records on August 7th is ‘I slept on the floor’, the debut album from Another Sky. Ahead of its release the band have announced a headline show at Earth in London for 11th November, and have released a new video for their new single ‘Fell In Love With The City’.

On the single, Catrin Vincent (vocalist / lyricist) had to say:
“I hate breakup songs. I don’t know why, it’s the most universal feeling. Maybe because the world has so many of them. Moving to London was a dramatic shift from small-town life where it didn’t even occur to me I could do music, where this vision of me as a housewife who never amounted to anything felt inescapable, in to a bigger world, of people from all over, of new ideas and a new version of myself.”

Driven by these bustling drums, it’s sits itself into ‘Epic’ territory fairly quickly, these spacious piano lines interrupted by scuffed up guitar lines and riffs, over which Vincent’s heartbreaking alto vocal sits. It’s part emotive/part -euphoric, but 100% lovely.

Of the accompanying video Vincent, who also directed it, says “We asked if any of our fans had an old mini DV tape camera, and they came through (thanks so much Peter Kavanagh, Victoria Wai and Henry Kenyon). We tried to capture the excitement of being on the road for the first time, replicating the feeling of moving to London seven years ago. “Fell In Love With The City” is the second song we ever wrote as a band and we wanted to make a video that embodied the way you’d film a partner, but you’re filming a city instead”.

Check it out, here

Pre-order ‘I Slept On The Floor’ here.

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