Track – Ellie Goulding: 16

On the surface, 16 is a standard pop song, but there are depths here for those with the time to find them. The cheerful, spangling melody is familiar to anyone who has been in a Top Shop on a Saturday. The video is all smoking and tattoos, the suburban rebellion of a girl from the Home Counties. For me, the lyrics are the heart of the song.

Ellie yearns for her teenage years when she had the time to connect with her life rather than busy herself through it. She misses the time her mother was brave enough to move towns.  She misses planning her future with her partner, sleeping in his t-shirt. But somehow, they are still together, and can still count the stars like they did when they were 16.

You feel things most intensely during your teens. You find the relationships, books, films and songs that define you. I’d be surprised if 16 ended up defining anybody, but it could serve as sound advice to a few. Rather than rushing for the freedom of adulthood, enjoy the time you are having, whatever your age. I hope the target market hear that message, but I enjoyed the reminder.

The video for 16 has been launched on YouTube for you to watch here: 



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