SEE: Crack Cloud up the six-stringed fury on ‘Tunnel Vision’

CRACK CLOUD come rushing forth once more from waay left of centre with new single “Tunnel Vision”, a barrelling, angular, skeletal chant to call you to arms.

The Vancouver collective’s latest tune trails their debut album proper, Pain Olympics, which comes out next Friday, July 17th.  

“Tunnel Vision” is everything that’s great about these Canadians. It barks, it yelps, and the guitars kick in so loud and hoary and dangerously in the best traditions of World Domination Enterprises. You’ve haven’t come across an off-centre, debased guitar groove like this since Liars at their majestic, malevolent peak.

Both small- and big-P political, the band, which is active in its home city’s opiate harm reduction programmes, was founded on the basis of offering its collective membership a cathartic route through rehabilitation and recovery. As the album’s cover tagline reads, this is “‘based on true shit.”

Anyone who was lucky enough to catch their hard-as-hell performance at last year’s End of the Road festival will know that they are uncompromising as you could possibly be in their exploration of the possibilities of no wave-punk-funk-transformation. They were chaotic, raging, specatacular.

Pain Olympics reportedly promises “a sonic kaleidoscope of hip-hop, musical theatre, dance music and downright pop which allows them to explore a vast panoply of different emotional states.”

The album is available to pre-order here.

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