Track: Lizzie Loveless – ‘Loveless’: former TEEN sister embraces a cleaner, dreamy synthpop aesthetic

Lizzie Loveless, photographed by Charles Billot

BROOKLYN’s three-sister indie rock band TEEN were much loved by those in the know, and rightfully so, with slow-burn, atmospheric altpop numbers such as “Raggedy Andy” to offer the world. It was with sadness that that same cognoscenti received the news that sisters Lizzie, Katherine and Kristina Lieberson were calling it a day after two final, valedictory gigs pretty much two years ago now.

But after a period of introspection and reinvention Lizzie has dusted herself down and emerged from her chrysalis with a new persona, Lizzie Loveless; a new aesthetic, and a deal with Virginia’s EggHunt Records.

She’s dropped a partly eponymous single, “Loveless”, ahead of an album in mid-August, and steps out into a cleaner sonic world, the lo-fi patination discarded for a more up-in-your-grill leftfield synth tunesmithery while keeping that gloriously dreamlike way with a melody, a pulsing groove, straddling effortless pop and weird beat in one carefree stride. Be thinking Annie, Moloko, Goldfrapp, maybe Dirty Projectors. And be ready.

Lizzie says: “‘Loveless’ is a song inspired by a fever dream. It’s about spiralling out of control in your love for someone. Travelling, trying to run away from yourself and not being able to sit with your feelings. Drowning in a moment and desperately hoping that what’s happening is not actually happening. Wanting things to change, pleading for things to change, knowing they won’t change and realizing you’re in way too deep.”

Keep your eyes on these particular skies; there’s much more to follow.

Connect with Lizzie at her website and on Instagram.

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