Track Review: Alan Vega – Invasion b/w Murder One

Following the initial Vega Vault release of the lost Mutator LP last year, the Vault has announced double A side ‘Invasion’ and ‘Murder One’, out now on Sacred Bones Records. 

One of Alan Vega’s greatest talents was his ability to bring the past and the future together into a suspended place of timelessness. His groundbreaking duo Suicide was often seen as future primitivism and most of his musical output has exemplified this blending of the primordial human condition and visionary thinking which is heard in full effect on Invasion b/w Murder One. 

The two tracks were recorded two decades apart from one another in New York City. ‘Invasion’ was recorded toward the end of the 2012-2015 studio sessions for the posthumous album IT and was one of his last recordings, while ‘Murder One’ was recorded in 1997-1998, (after the Mutator sessions) and is part of a cluster of material that was recorded but never mixed prior to the sessions for his album 2007, which was released in 1999. Pairing these two songs together as a release illustrates the timelessness of the 30+ years of unreleased material that he deemed the Vega Vault. 

‘Invasion’ speaks strongly of Vega’s later work, with a dancey countenance and his later vocal growl dominating. ‘Murder One’ on the other hand is a piece of pure nineties nostalgia and contains all the screams and whistles you’d expect from this period. Together they make a weighty duo which will appeal to fans from across his catalogue.

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