See: Raf Rundell (The 2 Bears) releases new video for ‘Right Time’

Raf Rundell, he of The 2 Bears has been making busy in the studios recording his Debut album ‘The Adventures of Selfie Boy Part 1’ which drops via 1965 Records on 9th December 2016. Claiming that the studio’s door banged as ‘queens, kings, crazies, painted ladies, ravers, rockers and ragamuffins partied night after night, each of them adding inspiration and perspiration to Rundell’s embryonic recordings to help the man realise his distinctive musical vision’, he’s also revealed a new video for accompanying single ‘Right Time’, which precedes the album on October 7th.

Right time bubbles away, the layered vocals cannoning off eachother, as the beat slips in and out, before this funk infused bassline prods things onward, supported by shuffling percussion and drips of synth melody. It’s all bundled up in the sort of hazy electro that made us love The 2 Bears and decorated with a melody that is impossible not to want to cuddle.

Check out the accompanying video, it’s as if Eric Prydz had filmed Call Me in Eastbourne. Out of season. It’s funny and charming instead, and we’ll certainly settle for that.

These are the Adventures of Selfie Boy. This is the Right Time.

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