See: Panic Shack share new single and video ‘Jim Jits-You’

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Cardiff’s Panic Shack return today with ‘Jiu Jits-You‘, the ascendant quintet’s second single and the follow-on to February’s incendiary debut ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?‘. Once again recorded by Tom Rees of Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard at Rat Trap Studios, ‘Jiu Jits-You’ is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it slice of elastic punk rooted in unwelcome advances and how to nip them in the bud.

One of the first tracks penned by the nascent Panic Shack, ‘Jiu Jits-You’ can trace its origins back to one of the band’s first nights out together. As vocalist Sarah Harvey puts it, “on one of our first band outings to a bar, we were scribbling lyrics and ideas onto a paper plate when a group of guys kept barging into our conversation to chat us up, they were buying us cocktails we hadn’t asked for and we had to politely decline… they were interrupting our creative flow.

The video sees the band use an up front comic book style of graphics to front an almost psychedelic mashed up collage of DIY inspired clips. Simple to the point use of lyrics, that tell a story without dragging its heels around, not a hint of Freud or Shakespeare to be found here! but non the less potent.

Released by ‘Brace Yourself Reecords’

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