Track: White Flowers – You Caught Me

Manchester’s White Flowers have shared their self-directed video to accompany their single ‘You Caught Me’, the latest track to be taken from the ‘Within A Dream’ 4-track EP which is out now via Tough Love on Friday 15th January 2021. 

Regarding the track the band comments:

“You Caught Me deals with the concept that everything is multi-dimensional and in a constant state of flux. It is a response to the idea that perceptions of people and situations are only fleeting impressions subject to circumstance and interpretation, that nothing is ever really concrete. Sonically, layers of guitars, synths and vocals have been warped and re-sampled in a collage like way in an attempt to create an enveloping rush of sound.”

Dreamy pop that has floated straight out of the 80s is what White Flowers do well. ‘You Caught Me’ comes across like a Kaleidoscope of sounds and emotions with Katie Drew’s voice all delicate and angelic as it hovers over the gorgeous mash of synths and guitars.

Check it out, here

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1.   Within A Dream
2.   Blue May
3.   You Caught Me
4.   Didn’t Want To Have To Do It

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