See: Foxx Bodies’ excellently fiery punk pounder ‘Room’ ahead of their November album

Foxx Bodies, photographed by Rochelle Shipman

EMERGING from the scene down in Tucson, Arizona, when singer Bella Vanek, guitarist Bailey Moses, bassist Matt Vanek, and drummer Adam Bucholz got together and began to move in musical lockstep they knew they had something beautifully, caustically special. They named themselves Foxx Bodies, and they brought caustic six-stringed catharsis out to the wider world.

Their first album in five years and also their big hello for Kill Rock Stars is locked, loaded and ready to aim atcha on November 5th – remember, remember. It’s extending that foxxy metaphor by being titled Vixen, and step right this way, if you please, for the video for the deliciously abrasive and declamatory punk pounder, “Room” – we gots the video for that herein.

Bella leads the charge, and she ain’t taking no shit about her perceived femininity and what that might mean – she’s herself, she owns, herself. She’s kicking vocal ass hard, and don’t those guitars have that lovely balance of melodic distortion that makes you think, sheesh, Hüsker Dü, heart that dirtiness?

The video was conceived by Bella Vanek and her partner Lucille Petty during lockdown and plays lyrically with the fluidity of masculinity and femininity and the need to discard such binary thinking.

Bella says: “This song is about being queer, which has a different definition for everyone. There is no specific person or type of person this is for except maybe just anyone who has, at one point, felt like they might be ridiculed for being who they are.

“The focus on a room comes from my bedroom, the idea of ‘a room of one’s own’, or any safe space. Finding a safe space is the happy ending to the song and to my personal experience as a queer person.”

Foxx Bodies’ Vixen will be released by Kill Rock Stars digitally, on CD and on black and also limited translucent blue vinyl on November 5th; order yours direct from the label, or if you’re this side of the pond, Rough Trade are a good bet.

Connect with Foxx Bodies elsewhere on the net on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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