Track: Void Release New Track ‘And So Two’


Voiid have just finished their extremely successful ‘Lexapro’ east coast single tour and have followed it up by releasing ‘And So Two’ (out via Damaged Records) – the blistering second single off their forthcoming debut LP, due early 2023.

‘And So Two’ follows ‘Lexapro’ their first new release since their 2020 EP ‘Socioanomaly’, 2019’s EP ‘Drool’ and their debut EP, 2016’s debut EP ‘Pussy Orientated’.

Voiid is made up of teenage friends Anji Greenwood (vocals) and Kate McGuire (guitar, vocals) who are from Queensland’s Central Coast. Greenwood and McGuire moved to Brisbane and started the band with Mina Cannon (drums) and Antonia Hickey (bass).

‘And So Two’ tells the story of Voiid’s inception – the bliss and challenges that come with forming a new band.

“This song also acknowledges how much we are a family; without anyone one of us it wouldn’t be the same, and we wouldn’t be where we are without each other”

Kate McGuire

Voiid’s live shows are scorching sonic onslaughts and ‘And So Two’ will fit perfectly into their setlist. It is a rip snorting beast of a song with McGuire’s no prisoners taken guitar work a standout.

Voiid will be appearing live at the below dates and locations:

Friday 11 November Nightquarter Sunshine Coast QLD

Saturday 11 February Mountain Goat Valley Crawl Brisbane QLD

Stream / Buy ‘And So Two’ HERE.

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