Premiere: Blake Morgan – Violent Delights

Taylor Ballantyne

Blake Morgan’s highly anticipated fifth studio album ‘Violent Delights’ is out now via ECR music group. Here at Backseat Mafia are very pleased to premiere the title track from the album and the music video to go with it.

The video was shot entirely on location at legendary recording studio The Bunker in Brooklyn NY. The video reunites the celebrated musician with NYC indie-film luminary Alice Teeple. 

“This is the fourth music video I’ve made with Alice, and I so love working with her, says Morgan. “We’ve watched a lot of the same old movies, she and I, and these videos reflect that: they’ve created a ‘pop-rock noir’ world for the music on this new record,” Morgan explains that they wanted to continue building that “world,” while also doing something new in this particular video. “For this one––which is the title track of my new album ‘Violent Delights’––we wanted to do something special for the fans of the album: give them a fly-on-the-wall inside-look at the making of the record.”

Morgan is featured singing and playing multiple instruments in the video, along with NYC A-list drummer Miles East, who was the only musician other than Morgan to appear on the entire album (Morgan sang and performed all the instruments on this new record aside from drum kit.) The two can be seen working on the recording as well as joking around in between takes.

The album gets its title from a line in Act 2, Scene 6 of Romeo And Juliet (“These violent delights have violent ends”), when the young couple is warned by Friar Lawrence that their passions may cost them. This is Morgan’s first record primarily comprised of love songs, and a departure for the artist.

Morgan comments:

“I’ve written breakup records before, but never a ‘love’ record. I’ve never even used the words ‘love’ or ‘heart’ in a song before. Perhaps it helped to be in love, finally, for me to use those words convincingly.”

“I wanted to make a new record that would evoke a time in music when melodic Rock-’n-Roll hooks weren’t a vice, when optimistic, triumphant love songs with bite poured out of the car stereo,” says Morgan.

A catchy hook laden track is what Morgan has delivered. His sumptuous and gorgeous voice touches the heavens as it rises and falls over the hypnotic call of both guitar and drums. It’s a track that gets better with each listen when you can appreciate just what a solid rock writer Morgan is. Guaranteed quality.

Check it out, here

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