Track: Sydney’s Steve Smith unleashes a vibrant slice of Americana power pop in ‘Runnin’ Red Lights’

Steve Smith has a lot of very impressive form in Sydney’s indie scene, stretching right back to his early solo career (as Steven Smith) with the famous Green Fez/Citadel Records in the eighties and membership of Catherine Wheel. More recently, Smith has released a series of lauded albums that has seen him move towards a more or Americana style with his band Fallon Cush. Smith has three notable skills – his guitar style and musicianship is exemplary, his songwriting strong and melodic and he has a voice that is whiskey-soaked and raw.

His new solo release, ‘Runnin’ Red Lights’ encompases all these skills into something quite delightfully fun. There is a bluesy pace to the track with a honky-tonk rhythm and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, exhibiting a certain sense of humor and an insistent driving force. Ultimately it is a rampant power pop blast.

The fact that Smith has drawn upon some talented Sydney musicians to help (The Nature Strip/Marveline‘s Pete Marley on bass, Josh Schuberth on drums and the golden tonsils of Suzie Goodwin on backing vocals) illustrates Smith’s impressive reputation.

You can get the single through the link below and look out for more material this year.

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