Live Review: Tropical Fuck Storm / Deadletter – The Button Factory, Dublin 01.06.2022

Hit The Button Factory Dublin last night for what I knew was going to be a wall of loud experimental rock coming from Australian headliners Tropical Fuck Storm. Support came from South London based Deadletter.

Eight o clock bang on the button (pun intended) Deadletter arrive on stage and start into what is was a ten song set containing songs like Hero / Pop Culture Connoisseur / Line The Cows / Binge / Kingdom / Fit For Work to name a few. Frontman Zac Lawrence choosing to leave the stage a number of times and pace around in the crowd mid songs and not having much to say except before Fit For Work and that being, I’ll l eave you with one message, there’s a storm coming. They like their cow bells these guys, which is something I have notice with a good number of these newer post punk bands. I remember one time the things were hated lol.

Time for Tropical Fuck Storm! opening with Braindrops its dark and the wall of sound is great, I love the chaos of this song, actually love what seems like chaos to a lot of TFS songs. Lose the Baby / Chameleon Paint were up next.
So that’s the three songs done time for me to move back and enjoy the likes of Antimatter Animals / You Let My Tyres Down.
Fiona Kitschin takes over vocal duties for the next one Ann? and no time is wasted as its straight into The Greatest Story Ever Told after which its Erica Dunn’s turn now on lead vocals for New Romeo Agent.
Another top favourite on mine was up next and that was Rubber Bullies which lead into the last song Paradise. So they opened with the new album tittle track and finished with the first track from that said album.
Nah they hadn’t finished! after a brief break they came back out and this time all member’s of Deadletter joined them on stage with a number of them carrying cow bells and its a mad party atmosphere on stage as they started playing the Bee Gees classic Staying Alive and Erica taking lead with the rest doing backing.
I have duly named this the Staying Alive Cow Bell remix, joking aside that was one great! way to end an hour fifteen long set.

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