News: Don & The Dreamers Release Debut Album ‘It’s Never Too Late To Be A Rockstar’

“We like the message. We’re really just a bunch of old lads doing what we like, and it’s inspiring to feel, that even at our age there is no lack of energy in our musical output, and to see that people actually have a great taste for it. So I guess it is never too late to be a rock star” – Don Powell

Don Powell, famed drummer and a founding member of the legendary rock band Slade, has returned with a new project that showcases his prowess in making hit records. Backed by a talented all-star line-up of Nordic hitmakers called The Dreamers, Don Powell’s debut album, ‘It’s Never Too Late to be a Rockstar,’ is a unique blend of rockabilly and blues, infused with defiance and enthusiasm.

The Dreamers, a group of Norwegian and Danish musicians, bring their own touch to the album, making it a true collaborative effort. This talented team, with members appearing on over 1000 different albums, EPs, and singles, shows their musicality with a live studio recording.

Throughout the album, Powell pays tribute to his musical roots, with a cover of The Animals’ ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ and a refreshed arrangement of Slade’s hit ‘Far Far Away’ from 1974. The album features a few added elements such as gospel singers, saxophones, harmonica, and the organ by rock legend Mick Gallagher.

‘It’s Never Too Late to be a Rockstar’ is an album that celebrates Powell’s impressive career, and it is a testament to his passion for uplifting rock music. Even though Powell dominated the UK charts in the 70s with Slade, he is still going strong decades later. This album is a must-listen for any fan of rock music and is sure to impress with its infectious energy and impressive musicality.

Listen below:

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