Album Review: Slade – Nobody’s Fool (Reissue)

1976. A lot has happened since 1976 but a repressing of the Slade classic, ‘Nobody’s Fool’, helps transport you back to the time when these British Rock and Rollers were teaching the music world a thing or two with their unique brand of manic and loud rock. 

You now have the option of adding a beautiful transparent clear and red splatter vinyl to your collection, a chance to be transfixed as it rotates on your turntable, still managing to annoy the neighbours with the boisterous and rowdy energy which emanates from your speakers.

The reissue of this classic still sticks to its roots to a degree, the cover and back picture of the band appears almost grainy and granular, yet this is pretty much where it ends. The tracks, benchmarks such as ‘Let’s Call It Quits’ and ‘In For A Penny’, now sound smoother than they did on the original. The loveable crackling on the original ‘76 release has now been replaced with a smoother and more mature edge while still maintaining a rocky and hooky backbone, the sound is slicker and the whole package is rounder and more mature sounding if you sit back and allow it to just wash over you. 

The infamous female backing is still sounding as edgy as it did back in the day and the vocals from Holder are as riotous and mutinous as when he was leading the pack nearly fifty years ago. The fretboards are worked with impressive marksmanship and the flair generated by the kit is authoritative and commanding, creating a backbone for the other elements to settle. 

If you are an avid Slade fan then you most probably already have this in your arsenal, if so then I would recommend you upgrading and getting the shiny new coloured vinyl in your life. If you haven’t got this already in your collection but you have even the remotest of interest in rock and roll then I would suggest you do yourself a favour, put your hand in your pocket, tap your card and secure this little beauty as quickly as you can. You will not be disappointed 

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Nobody’s Fools vinyl tracklist:

Side A:

  1. Nobody’s Fool
  2. Do The Dirty
  3. Let’s Call It Quits
  4. Pack Up Your Troubles
  5. In For A Penny

Side B:

  1. Get On Up
  2. L.A. Jinx
  3. Did Ya Mama Ever Tell Ya
  4. Scratch My Back
  5. I’m A Talker
  6. All The World Is A Stage

Nobody’s Fools CD tracklist:

  1. Nobody’s Fool
  2. Do The Dirty
  3. Let’s Call It Quits
  4. Pack Up Your Troubles
  5. In For A Penny
  6. Get On Up
  7. L.A. Jinx
  8. Did Ya Mama Ever Tell Ya
  9. Scratch My Back 
  10. I’m A Talker
  11. All The World Is A Stage
  12. Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam)
  13. Raining In My Champagne
  14. Can You Just Imagine
  15. When The Chips Are Down
  16. Nobody’s Fool (USA 7” Edit Version)
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