Track: Borstal – Karma

Hardcore band, Borstal, featuring Pierre Mendivil (Knuckledust), Nick Barker (Brujeria, ex-Cradle Of Filth/Dimmu Borgir/Testament) and members of Dripback and King Of Pigs have dropped a video for new single “Karma”. The track comes from their debut EP titled ‘At Her Majesty’s Pleasure’ which is out now via 4Family and Rucktion Records

The band comments:

“Borstal represents UKHC the way we love it and feel very thankful for the support people have shown us in the early stages of what we are doing.” Says frontman Pierre. “I’m positive if you enjoyed our debut release, you will love what we have in the pipeline.”

“Our latest single is a lyric video for a song called KARMA, inspired by the types who think they can come to shows and our hxc community and steal from their own people. I always remember the way it used to be at shows when you could just dump all your stuff in a corner of the room and run to the pit to support the bands playing and not even have to worry about your stuff getting stolen.”

Short fat riffs and pounding drums with a vocal attack, this is hardcore at its traditional best. Brutal sounding music to match the brutal lyrics, the rage is heard and felt. Borstal are a group with a message to shout and the talent to be heard.

Check it out, here

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1.Refuse To Lose
3.We Stand As One
4.Vicious Circles
5.Worm Food
6.King Of The Jungle

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