Celluloid Screams Review: When I Consume You

Daphne and Wilson

As a single child it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have a sibling or indeed siblings. It’s strange that some brothers and sisters are so distant that you’d hardly know they’re related, with absolutely nothing in common. In other families, there’s an almost unbreakable closeness. This seems to be particularly true when there’s been some kind of trauma, whether that’s a death or domestic abuse. This is the case in When I Consume You.

Daphne (Libby Ewing) and Wilson (Evan Dumouchel) have been close since childhood. Indeed, in many ways they only had each other and they’re very protective of their relationship. While she’s had her troubles, things are looking up. Indeed, Daphne is even thinking about adoption. However, she has one secret which he doesn’t know about. She has a stalker and his attacks are becoming increasingly violent.

Like Perry Blackshear’s previous films (They Look Like People, The Siren), When I Consume You reassembles the same cast (with the addition of Ewing), and this time round things are much darker and even more personal than ever. It’s a story which tackles themes such as abuse, trauma, addiction and love. It works so well thanks to a focus in the edit and some believable performances. Whilst When I Consume You is a family drama wrapped within a supernatural tale where death isn’t necessarily the end.

When I Consume You screened at Celluloid Screams.   

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