Track: Earthsea Blend Indie Exploits With Math Rock Rhythms On ‘Four More Years’

Blending the choppy, intertwining, Math-Rock influenced guitar and synth lines of early Foals with and underlying tone of Radiohead and Everything Everything, Earthsea’s new single ‘Four More Years’ offers an intricate, expansive and enticing sonic journey.

Accompanied by a beautifully put together new video, ‘Four More Years’ showcases a rich musical understanding as the band tread the line between musical depth and intricacy and sonic beauty. Growing from it’s choppy, guitar/ synth start, the track enters an etherial verse as the bass moves with brilliantly thought out runs under the steady beat and muted arpeggiator.

The silky lead vocals, float above the soundscape with an assured sense of emotive tonality, slipping into falsetto and back again throughout whilst pulling the track forward with a sense of purpose. As the track reaches the chorus, the guitar lines distort giving the track a gritty edge and the drums pick up the pace. Later in the track, the main guitar riff is replaced as a solo before the track enters a boxy middle 8 and explodes into a climactic final chorus.

On the single, Earthsea explains: “We wrote Four More Years around the 2016/17 US election cycle. It’s our fantasy plan to deal with a barely believable but in no way fantastic man.

He’s back! His bloated ego trumping the lives and wellbeing of people all over the world. We’re still pissed off. But we like the song.

The video we shot opens this out, against the backdrop of climate oblivion and the geopolitical chaos we face as we go into the 2020s.”

A valiant effort displaying mature songwriting and a depthy musical understanding, ‘Four More Years’ displays some of Earthsea’s best work to date.

Listen and watch below:

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