Meet: Candar, The Brand New Rock Duo That Should Be On Your List To Watch

Candar are a brand new rock duo who have just released their debut single, a retake of the Doris Day track ‘Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps’. We put some questions to the band to find out where they came from and where they are going.

Give us a potted history of the band

We launched Candar in January 2023, but have been playing since we met at Saunton Road Studios in our home town of Braunton, North Devon. After lockdown we moved out of our little town to London where we grafted playing sweaty clubs. Laying down a spontaneous track with Sean Genocky at SRS cemented the sound we made as a duo and landed us a deal signing to Recognition Sound.

Who inspired you to start making music

We each have a range of artists that we love and look up to. Growing up by the sea, in North Devon, meant we were always surrounded with amazingly creative people who no doubt inspired us. Two of our favourite bands at the moment are Ferris & Sylvester and The Band of Skulls.

And the one or maybe two records that inspired you artistically

Ella says: That’s a hard one, but Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt was the record that inspired me to move from solo acoustic tunes to fronting a band. 

Finn says: Freak n Roll into the Fog by The Black Crowes is a live album with so much groove and it sounds so spontaneous. 

If you’re trying to explain who you sound like to someone that’s never heard you, what do you say

Sophisticated, but messy and noisy. Our music is dirty and raw, while harnessing delicate vocal melodies – we’re trying to make music which is true to what we want to hear. This single embodies our sound by infusing Doris Day with heavy rock.

Tell us about your new track

It came together the first time we jammed as a duo, in a dark gloomy practice room somewhere in London. Finn had never heard the song, but I always loved old Jazzy artists like Doris Day or Ella Fitzgerald and wanted to see where we could take this classic track. It came organically when we plugged in my POG pedal to bring in the lower octave of the riff and we loved the sound that came out! 

Check out the track here

Where can we get hold of it

All major streaming sites or by following this link: 

Tell us how you write

Over the winter of 2022 we’ve focused on honing in on our sound and writing loads. A song can come from a number of ways, sometimes a riff, or something more fully formed on an acoustic guitar. Sometimes even a drum groove can inspire a jam. I then get to the lyrics when I’m feeling the angsty juices flowing…

Tell us about your live show What would be your dream gig

We love being right next to each other, so we can feel the vibrations of the music and bounce off the noise and energy. We don’t care about the Pyramid Stage (at the moment), but would love to go to Glasto and hit up some of the smaller stages like the Hive or Strummerville. 

What can we expect from you in the near future

MORE MUSIC! We’re getting in the studio with our label reKognition sound and cooking up some original music which we’re really proud of.

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