Track: Sea Moya – Slow Down

German three piece Sea Moya follow up their highly regarded debut song ‘Do things’ with ‘Slow Down’. Describing their vision of the song, saying “We had wide and open field pictures in our heads, like when you stand in Nepal in the Himalayas and look at huge snowy mountains with nice valleys in between and everything is just slow. You can calm down, take a break.”

Slow Down opens with these stripped back beats and vocals. As it continues, so these shimmering synths veer in and out of the mix, with more layers added as it gently unfurls. Bit by bit percussion is added as it starts to become slightly blinkered, hazy even, wrapped around these flailing shards of synth. By the end, with its mix of smooth unassuming vocals given some weight by the echo driven backing vox, you realise its crept up on you and taken a little piece of your heart away with it.

And there’s not many bands that can do that.

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